Custom-made designer glassware

Elizabeth Collins Decoupage


Inspired by French and Victorian crafts of the 1800's, traditional decoupage is the art of gluing paper cutouts onto an object using several coats of glue or sealant. Elizabeth uses distinctive fabrics and paper in her own process. The top of the glassware is never touched, thus making it safe for food.

Elizabeth at Work

   Sizing and cutting the fabric
Applying several layers
of sealant

Recommended Care
for Decoupage Glassware

Please note that all decoupage glassware is neither microwave nor oven-safe. Although the fabric is coated with a varnish-type sealant, the glassware item should never be immersed in water or put in the dishwasher. To clean your glassware, simply wipe clean with a damp sponge, and dry. If these simple recommendations are followed, you will be sure to enjoy your decoupage glassware for years to come.

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